News and prayer requests

1.Kozi Archdeaconry

This Archdeaconry falls in the extreme northern part of the diocese of Maridi about 55 miles from the main town of Maridi. It is extremely difficult to access Kozi during rain seasons. The Archdeaconry is led by Rev. Charles Yeremiah being the second archdeacon of this archdeaconry.

  1. Pray for 3 days Truama  Healing workshop in Kozi as from Friday 3rd August to Sunday 5th August organized by the administration of the Diocese.
  2. Pray for rehabilitation program for 100 families in Kozi archdeaconry.
  3. Pray for Rev. Charles and all pastors in the Archdeaconry that they will be committed to their call amidst all the challenges in the area.
  4. Pray for Rev.Levi Guva of Matta Parish who lost his wife recently and for the Christians of the parish to be strong in their faith.
  5. Pray for Rev. Kenneth Bagori of Kujayada Parish is seriously sick with  and we need to bring him to Maridi Hospital

2. Amaki Archdeaconry

Amaki Archdeaconry is 17 miles north of Maridi state; it is also one of the remote archdeaconries in the diocese. This archdeaconry was affected with vast displacements and insecurity since 2016.

  1. Pray for 3 days Truama Healing workshop in Kozi as from Friday 6rd August to Sunday 8th August organized by the administration of the Diocese.
  2. Pray for rehabilitation program for 100 families in Amaki archdeaconry.
  3. Pray for spiritual revival and guidance to Archdeacon Rev Elisama Salatiele.
  4. Pray for Tandiro Primary school Project and thank God for fields of life organization for their support for this project and Amaki Primary school as they recover from the situations of insecurity and war in the place.
  5. Pray for the parish of Amaki , Chochoro, Mabilindi II and Napusi which were displaced and now trying to resettle in their homes.

3.Mabrindi or Eastern Archdeaconry

Mabrindi Archdeaconry falls in the eastern Part of the Diocese of Maridi. It is led by Rev. Eli Alfred Makiri.The Archdeaconry was also affected partly by displacement but was home for the displaced people from Amaki and Kozi.

  1. Pray for the farmers for seeds and agricultural tools for cultivation of their land – and those struggling with cultivation may l bear fruit and will be benefit many people in the Diocese.
  2. Pray for Bethsaida Parish in the archdeaconry as it is struggling to build church but they have limited resources.
  3. Pray for Monari Parish, Land-nguku and Makoyo Parishes , they need revival and stability for the Christians in the area who have on Ran in the area due to insecurity.

4.Cathedral Archdeaconry:

Cathedral Archdeaconry is led by Rev. Canon Bennett Khamis, also Dean of the Cathedral. this is the largest archdeaconry in the Diocese hosting the head quarter of the Diocese , House of the Bishop and the Cathedrtal.

Pray for revival meetings and teaching which are taking place in the archdeaconry.

Pray for Christians displaced from Amaki by insecurity and now living in Maridi town and mostly hosted by this archdeaconry.

Central Archdeaconry:

Central Archdeaconry covers most of the churches within the town of Maridi. it is led by Rev. Canon Woodman Jawoo Morris

Pray for the pastors in the Archdeaconry as most of them do not have church houses to live in.

Pray for Evangelization work in the Archdeaconry and for the youth Activities.

  • Pray for Church Schools at Christ Town Church and Ustaz/ Faragi Alison the head teacher for Town Primary and Nursery School

Eddi Archdeaconry:

Eddi Archdeaconry falls in the South east part of the Diocese bordering with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).This Archdeaconry has been affected by insecurity following the outbreak of civil war. Many of its residents are now in Maridi town.

  • Pray for Archdeacon Alex Khamis,  the pastors and Christians of the Archdeaconry now living near Maridi Town. Pray that as things stabilise they may return to their own place.
  • Pray for Rasolo Parish which is not accessible in time of rain seasons

All Saints Cathedral :

This is where the seat of the Bishop is.

Pray for Bishop Moses Zungo, the new 3rd Bishop of Maridi and for the directions of God to him and for the Dean, Canon Bennett Khamis, the Mothers Union, Youth and Children mission in the cathedral of Maridi.

  1. Pray for the work of renovation of the cathedral under the progress now.
  2. Pray for the displaced Christians who are living around the Cathedral Area.

Chaima Christian Institute
Chaima Christian Institute is the main training Centre in the Diocese offering training in the field of development, English language, office management, entrepreneurship, computer training, social work, and biblical teaching for those desiring ordained ministry. Pray for the Institute’s development as a campus of the Episcopal University (of South Sudan).

Pray for the Principal, Revd. Atovura Martin and staff of the institute as they struggle to meet huge demands.

Church Primary Schools:
Maridi Diocese has two nursery schools, and eight primary schools;  some of these schools still operate under trees and most of the teachers lack training. The two main ones, in Maridi town, are Haddow and Christ Town primary schools.

Pray for the administrative system in all these schools, for quality primary education in Maridi and in South Sudan as a whole.

Haddow Secondary School
Haddow is the only church secondary school in the Diocese. Pray for the Head Teacher, Joseph Sabah and his staff, and especially for the current effort to encourage girls to complete their schooling (with sponsorship if necessary). Pray for the teachers, that resources may be available to pay them, and for availability of teaching materials.

Bethsaida Clinic:
This is a church clinic at the Diocesan centre with 16 staff, mostly trained, working at the clinic. A four-bed ward has recently been added. This clinic is more trusted than the government hospital in town.

  • Pray for the staff and for a regular supply of drugs to enable the staff to serve the community well – give thanks for a regular delivery through Salisbury Medical Link
  • Pray for more trained staff for the clinical work, and for upgrading of the community health workers.

Diocesan Head office:

  • Pray for Bishop Moses Zungo and the Diocesan secretary Canon Gerusoma Tito
  • Pray for God’s direction and leadership in the Diocese

  • Pray for for Missions which includes, education, Health and Evangelism office which was led by canon Gerusoma, that the Diocese may get another Leader to carry on with that office.
  • Power supply had been a long problem in the Diocese, pray that Diocese may get sola system to supply power in the Head office of the Bishop as well as the guest house and the Cathedral.

Mothers’ Union
The office of the mothers Union in the Diocese is led by Mama Phoibe Michael as Mothers Leader, Rev.Eunice Naima as the coordinator under the supervision of Mama Rejoice Moses , the wife of the Bishop.

  1. Pray for the work of the Mothers’ Union, and for Revd. Eunice Naima, and Mama Foibe Michael as the leaders.
  2. Pray for the sewing machines projects in the mothers Union centre as most of them are now getting old that they may get new ones.
  3. Pray for the 40 orphans and their schooling as the mothers Union taking care of their future.
  4.   Pray for 20 widows being cared after by the office of mothers union.

Pray for Revd. Captain Gersoma as he organizes and leads the evangelism programme in the Diocese. Pray that many young people and children may come to know Christ for themselves. Pray also for his responsibilities in Education and Health

The clergy of the Diocese
Pray for the clergy of the Diocese of Maridi – for spiritual strength and sources of refreshment, and for the provision of some means of transport, such as bicycles and motor bikes

Pray for the Diocesan youth coordinator Jeremiah Hakim, and for all the parish-based youth leaders.

Christian Fellowship Group
Give thanks for the establishment of this network, already with several hundred members throughout the diocese, and pray that it may continue to draw in younger people.