History of the Diocese of Maridi

Major Events in the History of the Church in Maridi

1922 – Christianity was brought to Maridi by the Rev. William Haddow from CMS

1930 – The construction work of the present cathedral started and completed in 1933

1947 – Maridi became a Parish church with centres at Amaki,  Eddi, Mabrindi ,Ibba and Mabende

1950 – Maridi became an Archdeaconry center for Bari /Zande Archdeaconry

1984 – Rt. Rev. Joseph Marona Biringi was consecrated as an Area bishop for Maridi under the diocese of Yambio.

1989 – Maridi became an Independent diocese with the Rt.Rev. Joseph Marona as the first Diocesan Bishop

1996 – The following Archdeaconries were created:

  • Eddi Archdeaconry
  • Amaki  Archdeaconry
  • Mabrindi Archdeaconry which is the present Western Archdeaconry.

2001 – Rt. Rev. Justin Badi Arama  was consecrated as the second Diocesan bishop of Maridi Diocese

2002 – Kozi Archdeaconry was created out of Amaki Archdeaconry

2009 – Town Archdeaconry was created and given the name central Archdeaconry. The former central Archdeaconry was then known as Western Archdeaconry.

2018 – Consecration and enthroment of the 3rd diocesan Bishop of Maridi, the Rt.Rev/Canon Moses Zungo.