Bishop Moses


·       Name: The Rt.Rev. Canon Moses Zungo

·       Place of birth: Maridi, South Sudan.

·       Date of birth: 23/08/1968.

·       Sex: Male

·       Marital Status: Married to Rejoice Gisma and six children

·       Nationality: South Sudanese

·       Languages: Morokodo, Baka, English and Arabic

·       Email:

·       Tel: +211 926102922/+211912722509/+256782560805


·       2009-2013- Bachelor Degree in Public administration and Management from Uganda Christian University- Mukono, Uganda

·       2011-2013-Diploma in Biblical Study from Bible Study by Extension- South Korea

·       1996-1998 Diploma in Biblical Studies from Ezra Academy Bible School- Khartoum, Sudan.

·       1990 – 1992 – Certificate in Theology from Bishop Gwyeen College – Juba ,South Sudan.

Short Courses Attended:

·       Certificate in Financial Management for non financial Manager.12th -23rd May,2008 in Yei by CORAT Africa.

·       Certificate in Management course.on 13th  to 30th April in Juba by CORAT Afrioca.

·       Certificate in Disaster Management on 7th to 15th March , 2004 in Maridi by New Sudan council of Churches.

·       Certificate of Theological education By Extension tutor in July,2004 in Maridi By TEE South Sudan.

·       Certificate in HIV/AIDS counseling and testing in January, 2004 in Yei by ZOA Refugee Care.

·       Certificate in Natural Medicines   -5th to 11th September. In Uganda by ZOA Refugee Care.

·       Certificate in Basic School management


27th May, 2018 to date Consecrated and enthroned as the 3rd Diocesan Bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of MARIDI

2005  — 2017 Worked as the Diocesan secretary for the Episcopal Diocese of Maridi

2001-2004- served as the Diocesan Theological Education by Extension coordinator in the Episcopal Diocese of Maridi and Curate in Christ Town Church

1994-2001 worked as the Academic Dean in Ezra Bible Institute – Bahri Khartoum

1992- 1994 worked as school master in St.Joseph Primary School – Juba

1988 – 1989 worked as school teacher in Nzara Primary school – Nzara


27th May, 2018 Consecrated and Enthroned as the 3rd Diocesan Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Maridi in All Saints Cathedral Maridi By Archbishop Peter Munde of Western Equatoria Internal province

28th January, 1999 Ordained as Priest  in All Saints Cathedral of Khartoum by Bishop Bulus Idris of the Diocese of Khartoum.

1st July 1998: Ordained as Deacon by Rt.Rev.Bulus Idris of Khartoum Diocese