Maridi Diocese Plan 2018-2021




  • Vision of the Diocese:

To see a capable and matured  Christian Community in Maridi and beyond for God’s glory (acts 2:42-27)

  • Mission of the  Diocese;

To reconcile people of God with one another and promote the social economic activities in the community

  • Diocesan objectives and Activities:
  1. Improved of Evangelism and Discipleship:


  1. Conduct Evangelistic convention in Eddi Archdeaconry by December 2018.
  2. Youth Conference for 100 youth in the Diocese by Janmuary,2019
  3. Lay-Readers Fellowship and Retreat by August , 2018
  4. Retired pastors Fellowship by July, 2018
  5. Conduct leadership training for one week for the church leaders.
  6. Renovate the Primary and secondary school
  7. Construct  a new pit latrine  and extension of ward at Bethsaida Clinic
  • Informed and Skilled Human Resource


  1. Train two pastors at the masters degree levels for Chaima Christian Institute
  2. Train three church leaders with Bachelor Degree in Theological school.
  3. Train five pastors with different Diploma in education
  4. Train four Primary school teachers in solidarity teachers training institute Yambio
  • Rehabilitated Human and infrastructure :


  1. Construct 10 pastors houses in the parishes
  2. Provide relief for 200 families in  Kozi and Amaki Archdeaconries.
  3. Conduct trauma Healing workshop to the displaced community of Amaki and Kozi in August,2018.
  4. Renovate the All Saints Cathedral of Maridi
  5. Renovate the house of Bishop and the car for the Bishop
  6. Provide the Diocesan office and the cathedral with Sola System
  7. Support education of the 40 orphans in Maridi
  8. Renovate 10 houses for the elderly mothers Union members in the diocese
  • Promotion of Peace and Reconciliation
  1. Conduct one week training workshop for 20 farmers and 20 traders in Maridi
  2. Engage football computations among the church schools in Maridi.
  3. Conduct trauma Healing workshop for the former child soldiers.
  4. One week Peace conference for 100 single mothers in Maridi.
  • Improved Agricultural productions in Maridi.
  1. Train 10 Diocesan agriculture Extension officers in farmers groups in the Diocese.
  2. Improve and maintain the Diocesan Demonstration Farm
  3. Train 12 farmers groups in the Diocese with commercialized agriculture
  4. Provide improved seeds to the 12 groups of the farmers in the Diocese.
  5. Construct store house for food storage for the Diocese and community around.
  • Values of the Diocese:
  1. Promotion of teamwork, transparency and accountability.
  2. Faithfulness to the word of God.
  3. Promotion of partnership, networking and collaborations with other churches , government and Christian organizations locally  and Internationally